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Providing Mental Health Services &

Community Support and Education

CoTenacious LLC was started in 2021 by Jessica Fener and Lexa Grobicki.

We wanted to create a new model of clinical practice for mental health therapists and provide them the caretaking and support they work so hard to provide others. 

The result are the branches of CoTenacious, which you can learn more about below.

Our mission at the CoTenacious Collective is to provide a safe place for our clients and community

to experience, transparency, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard

as they expand their understanding of themselves and their relationships

through collaborative & personalized treatment, and community engagement.

We work hard with you!

We are dedicated to creating a safe environment that promotes & values

respect & appreciation for diversity & inclusion.

Our clients and therapists are diverse in age, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, relationship structures, family structures, marital status, parental status, race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, political affiliations, religious ideals, spiritual orientations, socioeconomic status, physical and cognitive ability(ies) life experiences and perspectives.


We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety

where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be freely explored and discussed.

We fully embrace providing high quality and multiculturally sensitive services

that affirm the dignity, worth and value of all individuals.

In doing so, we strive to provide a welcoming and enriching environment that is conducive to the intellectual, emotional, and social development of our diverse community.

CoTenacious Branches

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